Entry #1

hey there!

2013-07-01 11:22:44 by NikMov

Hello world!
My name is Nikita, i'm 20! and the last few months I have been actively engaged in drawing. in this case I am a dilettante, but I try!
i'm now first time on newground.com!
i hope i'll bring lots of arts and fun here.


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2013-07-21 17:24:35

Hey! I'm Fernando, from Uruguay. I'm also 20 years old, and I've been really active with drawing last weeks too!

I find some things in common with you, I'm also new in newgrounds and stuff.
It'll be good to share knowledge and art tastes with each other, to progress as artists.

C'ya soon!

NikMov responds:

hello, Fernando! i have seen your works! i liked them - u have a good level! it's upper then mine! but practice can help me x)
so good idea! u study somewhere?


2013-10-06 16:51:11

Welcome to NG buddy! :)
Newground is the best place for sharing your creativity worldwide!

NikMov responds:

hell yeah)